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Driving mobile content monetization

Who are we?

We are a leading International Telecommunication Content Marketing & Consultancy firm based in Egypt, specializing in digitizing, activating, and gamifying content for an unparalleled customer experience across Africa. Our diverse content portfolio includes entertainment, sports, user-generated content, digital games, and infotainment, delivered through Telecom Operators and online platforms. Powered by our in-house technical platforms, we serve over 50 million subscribers, processing millions of transactions daily. In a dynamic industry, our software solutions ensure premium stability and swift time-to-market adaptability.

Our Partners

Collaborated with an array of Telecom operators, mega celebrities, content creators, and production houses, showcasing our top valued partners!

What we offer?

Strategic Growth for Mobile Operators & Content Partners

We empower Mobile Operators & Content Partners to increase their content service revenue by up to 10 times. Leveraging our team’s telecom expertise, we fine-tune product value propositions and enhance customer experiences for maximum appeal.

Through our advanced communication platform and innovative, psychologically-based copywriting techniques, we achieve unprecedented customer recruitment figures. Our unique marketing tactics create digital buzz, differentiating launches and ensuring successful on-ground product activations for high customer engagement.

Telecom Revenue Mastery: A Strategic Approach for Operator Success

Unlocking Telecom Revenue Potential: Harnessing Our Telecom Experience for Operator Success through Targeted Initiatives. This involves amplifying acquisitions and migrations of tariffs, promotions, and products, along with elevating customer activity levels on specific offerings.

Guaranteeing Success: A Robust Process Anchored in Telecom Expertise. Our approach begins with a comprehensive understanding of Telecom Operator strategy, business objectives, and priorities. We conduct detailed market research, delving into the competitive landscape. We then align the customer experience with the value proposition and achieve performance optimization in Telecom Marketing Campaigns. This includes leveraging our advanced scientific communication platform and employing innovative, psychologically-based copywriting techniques.

Tech-Driven Brilliance: Pioneering Success through Cutting-Edge Solutions

Elevating Excellence through Technology: Our robust technology arm stands as a pivotal force, playing a crucial role in realizing our exceptional commercial achievements marked by record-breaking figures. Fueled by the demand for unparalleled performance, our high-caliber systems serve as key enablers, ensuring the seamless delivery of our products. This commitment to excellence underscores our dedication to maintaining commercial prowess, where our technology backbone acts as the driving force behind the monumental success we’ve achieved.

Sophisticated Solutions:

  1. Subscription Management Platform: Orchestrating the orchestration of all content services subscriptions and features.
  2. Content Management System (CMS): Empowering our content partners to effortlessly upload diverse content types, be it text, audio, or video.
  3. Customer Care: Providing telecom partners with a robust platform to efficiently manage and address customer requests.
  4. Campaign Management Platform: Taking charge of the comprehensive marketing strategies for all our content and telecom projects.
  5. Mobile Money Payment Integration Platform: Seamlessly integrating content services and telecom operators into the operator’s Mobile Money solutions, facilitating hassle-free purchases and transactions.”

Revolutionizing Content Services: Pioneering Innovation and Premium Excellence

Innovative Concepts, Record-breaking Results: Our Extensive Market Research Fuels Mega Content Services Success. Through a deep understanding of the market, we consistently pioneer groundbreaking concepts that shatter records with every operator collaboration.

Premium Content Prowess: Investing heavily in in-house content production and partnering with professional agencies, we guarantee our customers exclusive access to rich, high-quality content, reinforcing the value and uniqueness of our products.

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